Design Painting “The Multicolor of a Big City”, Canvas, Oil paint, Abstract Expressionist, Everyday life, 2021

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Condition: new
Location: Slovakia, Bojnice
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Mariia Zasidkovych. The Multicolor of a Big City
The painting "The Multicolor of a Big City" is written on wonderful memories of summer in warm, bright sunny colors, starting with the main figure of a girl, in white, to gray and black, roads, sidewalks and buildings. On everything, you can see the reflections of summer and play after a short summer rain. painted by Mariia Zasidkovych in Janar 2021 with oil paints and varnished. Ready to decorate your home.
ID: 35464
Artist: Mariia Zasidkovych (b. 1969)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2021
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 40 x 1 x 50 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: Abstract Expressionist, Avant-gardism
Genre: Everyday life
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Object type: Design Painting, Painting
Keywords: Black color, City, Green color, Orange color, White color, Yellow color

Information about the artist

Всю жизнь рисую.Имею начальное образование,художественную школу в Киеве Украина. Потом занималась бизнесом не в сфере живописи и художественного творчества.Сейчас пишу на холсте маслом на средних и больших полотнах. Выражаю свои эмоции и образы которые приходят ко мне .Хотела бы продолжать в этом направлении ,чуствую потенциал.Хочу достигнуть максимальных результатов.