“The Wisdom Of Pushkin”

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The Wisdom Of Pushkin
The wisdom of Pushkin-
Gershenzon, M.
T-in "Publishing writers". 230 p. 21,0х14,5 see In the modern bibliophile policosanol binding with corners, bandages and gold lettering on the spine. Publishing printed cover stored under cover. Bleed with brown specks. On the back face side of owner's label: "From the books of Mikhail Anisimovich Grombach", p. 1 owner's inscription: "Sergei Grombach. Moscow. 1931". Cover a bit dirty. Good preservation. Lifetime edition. Mikhail Osipovich (Melih I.) Gershenzon (1869-1925) - historian of Russian literature, philosopher, essayist, translator, editor and publisher. He collaborated in many literary and scientific editions – "Russian thought", "Scientific word", "Herald of Europe", the "Critical review", etc., in the Moscow religious-philosophical publishing house "Put". One of the organizers and participants of the famous book "Milestones". The organizer and first President of the Russian Union of writers. Among his numerous works: "Russian Propylaea", "New Propylaea," "the Story of a young Russia", "P. Y. Chaadayev. Life and thinking", "images of the past", "Griboedov's Moscow", "the Vision of the poet", "the Key of faith", "Golfstrim", "the Wisdom of Pushkin". The last book was published in 1919 the Release of her anticipated literary public with great anticipation, as the author promised an incredible sensation. This was a sensation... the Dramatic story of this book eloquently and thrillingly told Mikhail Andreevich Osorgin, in his book "Notes of an old bookworm": "So, in the years of the revolution published by the late M. O. Gershenzon combat book "the Wisdom of Pushkin". Studying Pushkin's manuscripts, he discovered an unprinted line of the great poet, in these lines was the whole key to understanding Pushkin to the present understanding. I would rabblerouser and Gershenzon received with caution, because the scholars are jealous and sensitive. He gave the kit his entire book, except the pages of the Preface, where the whole is an excerpt from Pushkin. When all were gathered, he gave these two pages and ordered printed, and quick. Everyone will be amazed: "the key to understanding Pushkin." And the Preface was called "the Tablet of Pushkin"... And the book finally was published by the Moscow writers. All friends and hidden enemies got the author's copies with dedication. And Sakulin received, and Shpet received. The author writes: "Dear so-and-so" and she thinks to herself: "On, suck it". And here accidentally was (Sakulin and guessed) that passage, though written by the hand of Pushkin and Zhukovsky written; and not only written, but printed in the complete collection of his works... Two boys in publishing two days cut the first piece with a "key". Clippings were taken, counted and took away the author. He walked around the friends and hidden enemies, who sent the book was taken back, cut. Managed to return from the mail portion of the packet addressed to bookshops. But everything will not doglyadyvayut and boys – crooks. And books were sold with a cut-out page – 37 rubles at the then money, with uncut page – 370 rubles. This is for fans of..." In this instance SS. 5-6 - "the Tablet of Pushkin" - present. Rare. Edition is a collection value.
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