Initial base svetoslaviya
Initial base svetoslaviya for use gimnazjalnych and vyssih urban schools was written by German Dr. Hermann Burmeister, translated into Russian language and pods best auctorem multiplied by V. A. Wolan - Burmeister, Herman
a Dependent Shkolniy books selling Pravitelstva SV. Anna. 1-236, IX – XII CC. 19х11 see In the owned packaging, modern edition. Bleed with brown specks. On the front endpapers: owner's inscription and stamp of school Budejovice 1870. On the title page blind-stamped impression of the school Budejovice. The safety is good. Lifetime edition. Burmeister (Burmeister, Hermann) (1807 -1892) German naturalist, Director and Professor in founded by him in natural history Museum of Buenos Aires, the curator of the natural history Department in Cordoba University. Zoology has rendered great services, primarily as a classifier. All his works are clear and observatoty presentation. His "Grundriss der Naturgeschichte" (Berlin, 1833; 10 ed., 1868), designed to teach in secondary schools; there is a Russian translation: "the Initial Foundation of svetoslaviya" (translation Volana, Vienna, 1852)
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