Natalia egorova. Mandala Phoenix

Location:Russia, Ivanovo
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Natalia egorova. Mandala Phoenix
Mandala of the Phoenix - a mythological creature, is an amazing feature which is the ability to repeatedly reborn. The bird's energy is so strong that it helps to emerge from the fire and ash rise above the most difficult circumstances.a symbol of endurance, independence, Renaissance, the emergence of new horizons and victories. According to Chinese mythology, the Fenghuang bird lives in the Kingdom of perfect people and is considered a symbol of benevolence and power. Her appearance marks a great event that will happen soon.
About the artist
Увлеченно изучаю рисую картины в стиле мандал .Люблю яркие , насыщенные цветами образы узоры , которые уверена приносят радость и счастье . Люблю не обычный стиль .
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