"Still life on the table." Nikolay Vasilyev 1958

"Still life on the table." Nikolay Vasilyev 1958
oil on canvas, size 85 x 99
Still life on the table. 1958

Author: Vasilyev Nikolay Ivanovich (1887 – 1970)

The EXPERT opinion of T. N. MIHIENKO

Painter. He studied at the private school of K. Yuon in Moscow school of painting under L. Pasternak and K. Korovin and V. Serov.
A member of the First world war.
In 1918-1919 he was an assistant to R. Falk at the VKhUTEMAS.
In 1920 he emigrated to Constantinople. He was one of the founders of the Union of Russian artists in Constantinople.
From 1923 – in new York. A few years much needed, worked as a painter in construction, served copies of paintings by old masters.
In the early 1930s received a number of orders, designed the interiors of clubs in Washington and Baltimore. He painted portraits, still lifes, female figures, street scenes, landscapes. In 1938 he held his first solo exhibition at Artist's Gallery in new York.
In the postwar years, solo exhibitions were held in new York and Boston.
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