About love Maximus the Confessor, 1845

About love Maximus the Confessor, 1845
About love.prep. Maximus the Confessor
fourth Edition. In The Synodal Printing House. [1], VI, 149 c. 18,3 x 11.5. Maximus the Confessor (about 580, Constantinople, - 13.8.662, Lasik), Byzantine philosopher and theologian. Young statesman, 613-614 monk. In tselnokozhanom cover, a modern edition, with embossing on the spine. Bleed with blue specks. In the lower part of the spine is embossed the letter "b". On the front flyleaf label library Kozelsky Vvedenskaya Optina Hermitage. The binding is worn. Front cover and spine move slightly away from the block. Safety good
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