A sample of Greek minuscule letters

A sample of Greek minuscule letters
A sample of Greek minuscule letters: T I: Moscow code / Compiled and published Tsereteli Grigoriy and Sergey Sobolevsky: [In Latin] Exempla Codicum Graecorum : Litteris Minusculis Scriptorum Annorumque Notis Instructorum: Volumen Prius: It Mosquenses / Ediderunt et Gregorius Cereteli Sergius Sobolevski
First edition. The publication of the Moscow Institute of archaeology. 15 p. of text, 42 L. Il. 49,5х38,0, see publishing a printed directory. Text and illustration presented on separate sheets. Folder dirty. The safety is good. Lifetime edition. Grigorii filimonovich Tsereteli (1870-1938) - philologist-Hellenist, palaeographer, founder of papyrologie. Sobolevskii, Sergei Ivanovich (1864-1963) - classical scholar, translator, teacher. Under his editorship came out a three-volume "History of Greek literature" and two-volume "history of Roman literature." Peru S. I. Sobolevskogo belong to more than one hundred published works. The present edition includes 43 illustrations of the Moscow code are great examples of the paleographic Greek minuscule, dated to IX-XIV century (880-1399). These manuscripts derived from great parts in the monastery on mount Athos. They were later brought to Moscow in the 17th century Alexey Sukhanov. Moscow Codex (codex Mosquensis) is a manuscript written in the ninth or tenth century, contains the texts of Acts, Catholic Epistles and Epistles of Paul (including Heb.). The text, written by unitiola divided into paragraphs with comments that made minuscule letter. At the bottom of each page of this sholei, the authorship of which is attributed to John Chrysostom. The text of the code is a variation of the I-text background Sodena. The present collection samples the Greek minuscule letters – the significant contribution of S. I. Sobolev and G. Tsereteli in the study of Greek paleography and textual criticism. A rare edition.
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