Olesia Hlukhovska. Childhood at the sea, 1

Location:Ukraine, Lviv
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Olesia Hlukhovska. Childhood at the sea, 1
Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.
For this painting, I choose fluid art acrylic teqnique. It helps me to convey the fluidity of water and time.
This painting reveals the idea of a carefree childhood at the sea. My memories about those days inspire me to create paintings where the image speaks for itself.
The symbol of childhood are small footprints of the shoes.
I hope this painting reminds you of the happy days at the sea.
About the artist
My name is Olesia Hlukhovska. I create abstract art (fluid art technique). I love to draw misterious and bright images.
Blue color in my work prevails because I love the concept of the sea, very much.
Also I use a white outline to give clarity to the images on my paintings.
My paintings are in private collections in USA, Germany, Great Britain and Ukraine.
I want to share my art with the whole world.