Olga Zemskhykh. Hermes scarf, vintage.

Location:Ukraine, Nikolaev
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Olga Zemskhykh. Hermes scarf, vintage.
Vintage Hermes scarf "La Cle Des Champs", released in 1965. The author of the picture Francoise Faconnet.
Colleziona the value of a scarf is that it is made of silk jacquard. Later, Hermes has continued the production of shawls made of silk only twilla. This model was reissued in 1990.
The condition for such a venerable age is a vintage is very good. No spots, no stains. However, there are two tiny holes shown in the picture red boxes. In the centre there are banners and threads on one corner hardly noticeable viterra rim. All defects are not critical, when worn will not be noticeable in the price of the defects are taken into account.
Size 86 x 90 cm, the edge is processed manually on the face.
About the artist
Дизайнер, художник любитель.