The island: a Monthly magazine of poems: No. 1

The island: a Monthly magazine of poems: No. 1
The island: a Monthly magazine of poems: No. 1 / Editor-publisher A. Kotylev. SPb.
37, [2] S. 18х12 see In later packaging. Publishing cover art (works of L. S. Bakst) stored under cover. Laid paper. On the title page of owner's entry in ink. The binding is slightly worn. Publishing cover glued by the owner. Title, SS. [1]-[2] with traces of moisture. The safety is average. In April, 1909, N. Gumilev, together with A. N. Thick base the magazine "Island" devoted exclusively to poems by contemporary poets. The first issue was sold 30 copies the Second number are unable to buy from the shop. It is believed that this room in the library is not preserved. Consequently, it turned out only one number of this journal. The magazine was produced with the participation of: N. Gumilev, Mikhail Kuzmin, Potemkin, gr. A. N. Thick; and in cooperation: I. Annenskii, K. Balmont, A. Blok, N. Buchinsky, Teffi, A. Bely, M. Voloshin, V. Ivanov, A. Kondratyev, V. Piast, I. Rukavishnikov, S. Solovyov, V. Khodasevich etc. In the first number was published: M. Voloshin "Two poems"; N. Gumilev "Queen", "Forest fire", "Warrior of Agamemnon"; V. Ivanov, "Judgment of Fire", M. Kuzmin "the Feasts of the blessed virgin"; Potemkin "Three ghazals", A. N. Thick "Grass", "town", "Land", "Shepherd". Lev Samoilovich Bakst (real name - Rosenberg Leib Chaim I.) (1866-1924) - artist and stage designer. He was the chief designer of the magazine "World of art", participated in the design of the "Yearbook of the Imperial theatres" magazine "Art treasures of Russia", "Libra", "Golden fleece", etc. and Designed books for Moscow and Petersburg publishing houses, collections of poetry. The graphic style, which he developed together with A. N. Benois and K. A. Somov, two decades dominated the field of design books and magazines. A rare edition.
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