Vase This pair of vases. France, 19th century

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Location: Russia, Moscow
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MELLERIO. This pair of vases. France, 19th century
This pair of vases-my on legs with glass inserts.
Silver 950, casting, engraving; glass etching.
France, Paris, 19th century. Jewellery house Mellerio dits Meller.
Dimensions: height 23.5 cm; diameter 23 cm.
The silver weight is 2390 grams.
Jewelry house of Mellerio (MELLERIO) - the most famous and oldest jewelry company in France, founded - 1613. Jewelry house of Mellerio successfully continues its work in our days. So, in 2015, celebrated the 200th anniversary of the founding of this company on the famous Parisian Rue de la Paix,5. Jewelry masterpieces this company is now exhibited in the musée d'orsay in Paris
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