"Cloudy day". A. Kiselev
oil on canvas, size 23,4 x 31,4

Cloudy day.

Author: Alexander Kiselev (1838– 1911)


Russian painter-a landscape painter, an active member of the Association of traveling art exhibitions, a Professor of St. Petersburg Academy of arts.
Alexander Kiselev was born in Sveaborg (now an administrative area of Helsinki), was brought up in the Arakcheyev cadet corps, and since 1852 in the 2-m Saint-Petersburg cadet corps. Not finished of course, left the corps in 1858 he entered the St. Petersburg University, after the closing of St. Petersburg University in connection with student riots of the autumn of 1861 he began to attend classes of the Imperial Academy of arts as volnoprihodyaschego student.
Having received from the Academy large silver medal and the title of class artist of article III (1864), in 1875 joined the Association "Peredvizhniki" exhibition in which since that time has participated almost every year. Worked in Moscow, often taking trips to different places of Russia to create sketches for their paintings, perfectly reflecting the nature in different seasons and hours of the day, under different atmospheric conditions. Later he wrote kinds Caucasus, which had great and Merited success.
In 1906 became one of the founders of the Northern mug lovers of fine arts in Vologda. Due to the authority of A. A. Kiselev the members of the circle managed to establish contacts in St. Petersburg and to participate in their exhibitions of painters of the Academy of arts.
Kiselev worked in a team of artists adorned the interior of the memorial Church of Alexander Nevsky in Sofia.
In 1902, the artist built a house in Tuapse, because having been in this area of the coast previously were amazed by the beauty of the local landscapes. Now in Tuapse is a house Museum Kiselyov. Rock between Cape Kadosh and the village of Agoy named rock Kiseleva T. K. was depicted in the painting "Kadochka the rock."
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