"Landscape with boat". Gerasimov

"Landscape with boat". Gerasimov
oil on canvas. Size 26.7 x 37

Examination of the "Tretyakov gallery"
"Landscape with boat"

Author: Gerasimov, Sergei Vasilyevich (1885 – 1964)

Russian artist, representative of Russian impressionism, created as a number of reference socialist realist paintings.
Teacher, doctor of arts (1956), Professor, Director of MGHI them. V. I. Surikov between 1943 and 1948, the first Secretary of the Union of artists of the USSR in the years 1958-1964.
He worked at the Moscow Stroganov art-industrial school (1901-1907), as well as the School of painting, sculpture and architecture (1907-1912), where his teachers were S. V. Ivanov and K. A. Korovin.
I was the member of associations "Jack of diamonds", "Society of Moscow artists", AHRR. Lived in Moscow and Mozhaisk, where in 1915 he built a house-workshop.
In the early painting of the artist ("Veteran", 1926, the Tretyakov gallery (TG)) tread features moderate cubism (to some extent). In the "Oath of Siberian partisans" (1933, Russian Museum) he masters the principles of revolutionary propaganda "themed paintings". If the image is remembered for his harsh severity, the famous "Collective farm holiday" (1937, Tretyakov gallery) looks like a scenic colorful extravaganza, woven from some "juicy" bits.
One of the most famous paintings of the war was gerasimovsky "partisan's Mother" (1943-1950, TG).
Through all the work of the master are the real impressions of post-revolutionary turmoil and troubles, especially in recurring motifs adjacent to his house Lugetskiy monastery, brutally destroyed and devastated after its closure in 1926.
In a simple story, lyrically intimate landscapes (a series of Mozhaisk landscapes, 1954, the state Tretyakov gallery; etc.) picturesque impressionism Gerasimov expressed most naturally. The surrounding reality are inextricably combined in these compositions with memories of Russian provincial antiquities. He illustrated works by Maxim Gorky, N. Nekrasov and other authors.
He showed himself as an experienced teacher (taught, since 1912, in art school when the lithographic printing of I. D. Sytin, and then in VHUTEMAS — Higher art and technical workshops, and other institutions), as well as a skilled and sensitive administrator, winning in the middle of the century a solid reputation as a cautious, but persistent liberal (for which in 1948 he was dismissed from the post of Director of the Moscow state art Institute named after V. I. Surikov).
He also served as a Director of the Moscow higher school of industrial art (former Stroganov; 1950-1964) and the First Secretary of the Union of artists of the USSR (1958-1964).
Sergey Gerasimov are in the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, the Institute of Russian realist art, Krasnoyarsk and Taganrog museums, and in museums abroad and in private collections.

Honorary titles and awards:

• honored artist of the RSFSR (1937)
• people's artist of the RSFSR (1943)
• doctor of arts (1956)
• People's artist of USSR (1958)
• Lenin prize (1966 — posthumous) — for a series of paintings "Russian Land"
• two orders of the red banner of Labor medal
• Silver medal of International exhibition (1937, Paris)
• Gold medal of the world exhibition (1958, Brussels)
• Gold medal MK of the USSR (1958)
• Gold medal of arts of the USSR (1962)
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