A detailed dictionary of Russian engraved portraits

A detailed dictionary of Russian engraved portraits
A detailed dictionary of Russian engraved portraits: an Edition with 700 fototipnyh portraits: [In 4 vols] / Made up of D. A. Rovinsky

the Typography of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. T. I: A – D. – 1886. – XVI S., 736 stlb.: Il.; T. II: E – O - 1887. – [2] p., stlb. 737-1420: Il.; T. III: P – F. – 1888. – [2] p., stlb. 1421-2208: Il.; T. IV: Application, conclusion and indexes. – 1889. – [4] p., 880 stlb. 27,5x19,5 cm In 4 modern bibliophile half-bound, with corners, bandages and gold lettering on the spine. On the title pages owner's stamp: "From the books of I. Dombrowski". On the back of the title page so I write: "This edition printed in 300 copies. Cm. Kaufman, I. M. Russkie biographical and bibliographical dictionaries M., 1955, p. 58 (No. 79)". In the unit with signs of slight moisture, SS. 730-735 restored. A separate page with Fox stain. In the text owner's notes in pencil. Good preservation. Lifetime edition. Dmitry Rovinsky (1824-1895), a lawyer and statesman, the collector, a prominent researcher engravings, honorary member of Petersburg Academy of Sciences and Academy of Arts. For many years (since the 1840s) Rovinsky gathered the largest in Russia collection of prints. Its rich collection of Dmitry Alexandrovich bequeathed to the Hermitage Museum, the Rumyantsev Museum, the Imperial Public library and Academy of Arts. Rovinsky for the first time systematized the rich factual material on the history of printmaking and woodcut. His fundamental research and directories have not lost their scientific value and now: "Russian folk pictures", "Detailed dictionary of Russian engraved portraits", "Detailed dictionary of Russian engravers XVI-XIX centuries", "the Complete collection of Rembrandt etchings, with all the differences in prints." "Detailed dictionary of Russian engraved portraits" is a unique guide for lovers and collectors of prints. The large-volume material contains descriptions of a large number of portraits with the mass of the smallest details (frame, method of engraving, signatures, etc.), in some cases, indicated the picturesque originals and lithographs, which are filled with engravings on almost every face placed biographical notes, stories and instructions of his contemporaries. as an application, the Dictionary includes: "Materials for the history of the portrait in Russia before 1700" a study "Where borrowed images of Grand Princes and Russian Tsars from Rurik to Ivan the terrible", "Notes on the portraits painted on enamel and bones," "Censorship of the Royal portraits", etc. "Conclusion" contains information about the portrait business and first engraved portraits in Russia with a listing of the rare portraits of the Royal house, the portraits of individuals on the art of engraving notes for collectors about the value and rarity of the prints, about the rules of storing prints and much more. At the end of the Dictionary is placed: "the index masters" and "General alphabet of portraits." The text is complemented 700 fototipnyh portraits. Rare collector's edition!
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