Gordon Gregory Maroevich. portrait Ani

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Gordon Gregory Maroevich. portrait Ani
Gordon, Gregory M.
Aliases, autonomy and spellings: M.
GORDON, Gregory M. (M.)
29 Dec 1909 (Kovno) — 1995 (Moscow)
Painter, graphic artist
He studied at the Art school in Vitebsk (graduated in 1929), the Moscow polygraphic Institute (1929-1934) by S. V. Gerasimov, A. A. Deineka, N. A. Udaltsova, K. N. Istomin. In 1934 completed a thesis — a series of posters of "Heroes Chelyuskintsev" and others
He lived in Moscow. Wrote industrial landscapes, thematic paintings, portraits of party leaders, the military, the drummers of socialist labor. In 1936 was sent to the creative trip to Berdyansk; 've been in the creative journeys on the lake, White and Azov seas, the Baltic States. During the great Patriotic war he served in the political Department of the 3rd Ukrainian front. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR (1938), and for a time headed the party organization of the painting section Mosch.
The author of the paintings: "the Fishermen of Azov" (1936 series), "Fisherman's Wharf" (1938), "Lunch is on the March" (1948), "Frunze — organizer of the Soviet government in Minsk" (1948), "the Glory of the Bolshevik party" (1949, jointly with I. M. Gurvich), "Tap at the base of the Tsimlyanskaya hydroelectric power station" (1951), "Hot key" (1961), "Lights of buildings" (1966), "Generals of the civil war" (1967); portraits — "the Sergeant Val Malinowa" (1943), "the Best crane operator construction of the Tsimlyansky dam, I. M. Spoke" (1951, jointly with I. M. Gurvich), "work of the Yaroslavl automobile plant" (1953), "Metrostroevets Warriors" (1966), "major-General P. V. Kulpinski" (1970), "a Conversation about music (group portrait of composers)" (1972-1975). Executed a mural "Meeting Geroev Khasana with farmers in the Far East" and "the arrival of the settlers in the Amur region of the farm" for VSHV (1939). The author of the series of pictures: "the Ukrainian front" (1943-1945), the Yugoslav portraits (1944) and bell (1949) guerrillas.
1927 — participant of exhibitions (all-Belarusian exhibition in Minsk). Exhibited: young artists (1931, 1937), all-Union exhibition of young artists dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Komsomol (1939), all-Union art exhibitions (1949, 1951, 1957, 1965, 1967), "socialist Moscow in works of Moscow artists" (1957), "On the roads of war..." (1958), "15 years of Victory" (1961), "Soviet Russia" (1967) in Moscow, the exhibition of art of the Byelorussian SSR (1940) in Moscow and Leningrad, and others. Held a personal exhibition in Moscow (1979).
Work is represented in several regional Museum collections, among them the Rostov regional Museum of fine arts, Nizhny Novgorod art Museum and others.
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