"Holiday lights". B. Petrov
oil on canvas, size 51,5 x 103
Holiday lights St. Petersburg, 1961.

Petrov, Boris (1910 – 1981)
Member of the Union of artists of the RSFSR.
Among the artist created works of landscapes "Tugs", "Gulf", "the Bunker" (all 1944), "Windy day" (1946), "Cherry blossoms" (1953), "Kirovskiy prospect" (1958), "Spring Summer garden", "Parking barges" (both 1959), "Night at the peak of the Terek", "Cheget" (both 1961), "Elbrus" (1962), "moon silence", "new year's eve in the mountains" (both 1970)The "festival of lights"(1961), "Dawn", "the Weather worsens" (both 1975), "Mystery mountain of the night" (1978), "My winter" (1980) and others.
Petrov wrote a lot of paintings, creating a whole Suite of picturesque mountain peaks, diverse and outlandish in color. Color and light in the highlands different from those which used to eyes in normal conditions. Not by chance on the exhibitions of the artist were heated debates about the unusual color of a landscape.

Exhibitions of his works took place in 1960 in Nalchik, 1963 (DK im. Lensoveta) and 1975 (DK im. Gas) in Leningrad. They covered the newspaper stories about the show in 1963, was shown on the Leningrad (11 may 1963) and Central (20 may 1963) television.

The works of Boris Petrov can be found in museums and private collections in Russia, Japan and other countries.

At the turn of the 80-ies and 90-ies, the work of Boris Petrov in the composition of the exhibitions of works by Leningrad artists was presented to the European audience at several international exhibitions.
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