Travel letters from England
Travel letters from England, Germany and France: [In three parts]GK, N.And.
1839. SPb.
In printing N. Buckwheat. Part 1: With a view of Munich.- [2], VIII, 252, [2], 1 l. frontispiece (litor.). Part 2: With a view of Vienna.- 286, [2] p., 1 l. frontispiece (litor.). Part 3: With the essay "the destruction of Troy".- [2],198, [2],142, [2] C., 1 l. frontispiece (litor.). 20,0х12,5 see In later policosanol binding, with gold lettering on the spine. On the back flyleaf label "Book Trade of V. I. Klochkov". Cover is worn and separated from the block, back cover separated from spine. The unit disintegrates. Individual pages with a little moisture. With the loss of a minor fragment (top area): in part 2 - SS.53-54, in part 3 - SS.9-10. L. prints "Destruction of Troy" - the loss of a significant portion on the lower field. In part 3, lost the last two pages of the text, "Viewing Technical. Uchebn. Institutions in France and Germany". The safety is average. Lifetime edition. Greek Nikolai Ivanovich – (03.08.1787 - 12.01.1867), the famous publisher, writer, journalist, writer, philologist, translator, teacher, member - correspondent of the Academy of Sciences, librarian of PB in 1817-1854. In 1836 the Greek published a novel in letters "Trip to Germany", first in Russian literature a detailed image of Germans of St. Petersburg, in 1837 – "literary travel" called "28 days abroad, or the Actual trip to Germany, 1835". Similar kind of travel essays Grech out, and later – "Travel letters from England, Germany and France" (1839), "letters from the road in Germany, Switzerland and Italy" (1843), "Paris letters with notes on Denmark, Germany, Holland and Belgium" (1847), etc. the book focuses on the journeys N.Buckwheat in 1837 At the end of the book attached overview about the technical and craft schools in France and Germany. Each Chapter of the book is decorated with engraved inserts.
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