Roman Empire, Theodosius II
6852_Римская Empire, Theodosius II 402-450 years solid.
AV solidus, weight 4.47 g., diameter 21 mm.
Minting: 430-440 year.
The place of issue: Constantinople.
Obverse: DN THEODOSIVS P F AVG, draped bust of Emperor wearing helmet and diadem, turned full face, his left hand a shield with the image of a horseman striking a fallen enemy, in his right hand a spear.
Reverse: VOT XXX MVLT XXXX, personification of Constantinople, seated on a throne left, right hand holds the power, in his left a sceptre, under a sawn-off shotgun COM OB.
Reference: RIC 257.
Condition: Good Very Fine / Good Very Fine.
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