Roman Empire, Trajan Decius
5996_Римская Empire, Trajan Decius, 249-251 years, ass.

AE ass, weight 11.47 g, diameter 26 mm.

Minting: 249-251 year.

The place of issue: Rome.

Obverse: IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG, draped bust of the Emperor in Laurel wreath, turned to the right.

Reverse: GENIVS EXERC ILLVRICIANI, Genius of the Illyrian troops, standing left, in right hand holding Patera, left cornucopia, right military standard, through the field of S and C.

Condition: Extremely Fine / Extremely Fine.

Reference: RIC 117c.

Provenance: auction JeanElsen & sesFilsS.A. 80, lot 531.

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