Design Painting “PATHS OF LIFE”, планшет, Ball pen, авторская графика, графика, Ukraine, 2020

€ 2 000
Condition: new
Location: Ukraine, Uzhgorod
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Robert Borynskyy. PATHS OF LIFE

Different people - different lives - different paths

This work uses and combines many different materials: oil, tempera, pens and thanks to this was created such an original picture with an interesting idea that concerns our society. A lot of people, which means a lot of different thoughts and preferences, and these are all different life paths and different views.
This painting was also presented to the audience in 2021 at an exhibition in Slovakia in the capital Bratislava.
ID: 41239
Artist: Robert Borynskyy (b. 1994)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2020
Applied technique: Ball pen, Oil, Tempera paint, Графика
Medium: планшет
Size: 55 x 75 x 1.5 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: авторская графика, графика
Genre: графика
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Payment method: Wire Transfer, Credit card, Cash
Delivery method: Postal service, Courier service
Purchase returns: No return
Country of origin: Ukraine
Object type: Design Painting
Theme: Philosophy

Information about the artist

- Моє мистецтво - це християнство та соціальні проблеми
- Моє мистецтво - це інше бачення та рух до істини

"Мистецтво для мене особисто - це щось особливе, унікальне, не завжди зрозуміле іншим. Це інший вимір, інше бачення, це надзвичайно цікава подорож ..."
BR. - “Forget about standarts”
- My art is Christianity and social issues
- My art is a different vision and movement to the truth

"Art, for me personally, is something special, unique, not always clear to others. It's a different dimension, a different vision, it's an extremely interesting journey ..."

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