Shamail at padishah fabric 19 in
Shamail at padishah fabric Adras,"home Improvement and peace in the family", VT.пол19 in size 120х71 cm
Author Tatar shamail of"home Improvement and peace in the family."
Located on the padishah fabric Adras, second half of the 19th century.
Bottom right-the expiry date of the letter, the stamp and signature of the author. Tissue size 120х71см, paper size 99х69см
In the center of the amulet surrounded by AL-ASMA AL-HUSNA (lit.)To 99 beautiful names of Allah mentioned in the Quran.
Across the field of Shamail in strips prescribed SALAWATI (Arabic form of glorification) the prophet (S. A. S.)
Decorated with ISLIMI (floral ornament) of gold in the main colophons.
Hand-made calligraphy NASKH colored ink on handmade paper of the XIX century and enshrined in Adras.
(Adras fabric plain weave with silk base and a paper weft handmade. The people of this fabric were called "podlogi" -"padishah", which spoke of its extreme value associated with the time-consuming, expensive manufacturing process and with a rich, elegant appearance. In the XIX century, the main manufacturer was Adras Bukhara, where this fabric was considered economistas.
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