Saber Dragoon officer sample 1881/1909 year

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The Russian Empire. Saber Dragoon officer sample 1881/1909 year
Saber Dragoon officer sample 1881/1909 year.

Efes consists of a handle and brass guard. The handle is wooden, sometimes ebony, with deep transverse grooves and thickening in the middle part. At the top on the handle, notched brass bushing, on top of her oval head is in the form of a rosette. In the period of the Provisional government checkers arr. 1881/ 1909 were made without monogram on the top of the handle's hub. Down on the handle with a brass bushing. The scabbard is wooden, covered with leather. The sword was in service all those officers and generals who used earlier Dragoon saber mod. 1881 and was Used after 1917

Dimensions: Total length: 98 cm blade Length: 78 cm blade Width: 3.3 cm
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