“Savitsky V. N. Painting 1980”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
Savitsky V. N. Painting, 1980
Artist Savitskiy Valentin Nikolaevich (27.11.1919 – 28.12.2006). Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 130х90 see the BSSR, 1980

Savitskiy Valentin Nikolaevich

(27.11.1919 – 28.12.2006)

Valentin Nikolaevich Savitsky was born in the village Sonachi Tolochin district, Vitebsk region (Belarus). Was a fellow villager and cousin of the artist Mikhail Savitsky. Lived in Grodno since 1947, 1986 and lived in Minsk.

In 1939 he graduated from the Vitebsk art school. He studied at the I. O. Akhremchik, L. M. Leitman. Participation in exhibitions he attended from 1947 To 1956 he was a member of Union of artists of the BSSR. The participant of the great Patriotic war.

Valentin Nikolaevich worked in different genres of easel painting. His paintings are very lively, have a special light and breath. Working in the traditional genres, the artist tried to convey their perception of the world, your own personal deep view on life. He is the author of works included in the Golden collection of Russian art.

The works of Valentin Savitsky are in the National art Museum of Belarus, funds of the Belarusian Union of artists, the Museum of modern fine art in Minsk, the Belarusian state Museum of the great Patriotic war of the Grodno historical and archaeological Museum, Mogilev regional art Museum. P. V. Maslennikova.

Valentin Nikolaevich took an active civil position. In the 1960s and 1970s he was a member of the Union of artists of the BSSR, representative of the Union of artists in the Grodno oblast, Chairman of the Hrodna branch of the Union of artists, member of the Presidium of the regional Association of protection of monuments of the city Commission of assistance to the Soviet peace Committee, a jury of the Commission on the conduct of regional reviews and reports of Amateur and folk art exhibition, the Chairman of the Commission for military-patronage work among border guards and troops of the interior Ministry, a member of the trade Union Committee of art workshops, led for 12 years the arts Council these workshops, conducted seminars with the artists Lida, Vaukavysk, Novogrudok and at border posts.
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