“The sacred book of Thoth.”

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Location: Russia, Moskow
The sacred book of Thoth.
The sacred book of Thoth. The great lassos of Taro. The absolute beginning of the synthetic philosophy of esotericism. Shmakov, V., engineer of ways of communication.

the output is: Moscow city printing-house.

number of pages: 511 p., ill., 31-32 SS. interwoven after the 18th.

Size(cm): 26.3x20.6

Binding: modern policosanol bibliophile binding with corners blindly and gold embossing on the spine and a sticker: `the Sacred book of Thoth. The great lassos of Taro`. Under the cover of the original cover art.

Safety: Covers professionally restored. The safety is excellent.
ID: 8705

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