Son of the Fatherland and the North Archive

Son of the Fatherland and the North Archive
Son of the Fatherland and the North Archive : a Journal of literature, politics and contemporary history, published by Nicola Graham and Thaddeus by Bulgarini: 1835: No. 7-11: [Censored copies]1835. SPb.
In Printing N. Buckwheat. No. 7 (16 February) .- SS.431-501; No. 8 (23 February) .- SS.503-580, [2] p.; No. 9 (2 March) .- 79 S.; No. 10 (9 March).- SS.81-159; No. 11 (16 March).- SS.161-220. 22 x 14.5 cm. In publishing printed covers. The blocks are not truncated, partially cut. On the first pages of rooms and censorship records "Issue ticket" and illegible signature of the censor (A. V. Nikitenko - ?) Cover slightly wrinkled, with small traces of contamination. The safety is good. "Son of the Fatherland" - the historical, political and literary magazine (1812-44, 1847— 1852), was published in St. Petersburg. Founder — N.And.Grech (1787-1867), Russian journalist, writer, philologist. The magazine was published (in different years) weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. From 1826 co-editor – journalist and writer F. V. Bulgarin (1789-1859). In 1829-35. "Son of the Fatherland" was published together with the magazine "Northern archive" called "son of the Fatherland and the North archive." Among the topics: "belles-lettres", "Commerce", "Travel", "Ethnography", "Physiology", "Modern policy", etc. it is Noteworthy that these instances of "Son of the Fatherland..." presented "in censorship," censorship does not contain other litter, except for permits, and No. 8-10 partially cut, and No. 7 and No. 11 are not cut at all.
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