Conditioned reflexes Pavlov, I. P.
Twenty years of experience objective study of the higher nervous activity (behavior) of animals: conditioned reflexes: a Collection of articles, reports, lectures and speeches.Pavlov, I. P.
. M; Ng.
the First edition. The state publishing house. 244 p.: ill., 2 l. Il., not included in pagination. 24,5x16,5 cm Circulation of 6000 copies Publishing art cover pasted on possessory fabric cover, modern edition. Publishing cover dirty. The endpapers, title page with Fox stain. The safety is average. Lifetime edition. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936) - physiologist, psychologist, founder of the science of higher nervous activity and understanding of the processes of regulation of digestion; the founder of the largest Russian physiological school; Nobel laureate in medicine and physiology in 1904 "For his work on the physiology of digestion". His main work – "Twenty years of experience objective study of the higher nervous activity (behavior) of animals" was published in 1923 by I. P. Pavlov and his disciples gave the first accurate experimental confirmation of the theoretical views Sechenov. Based on the ideas of Sechenov reflex mechanism, as a General basis of psychic life, Pavlov undertook an analysis of the working of the instrument body (muscles and glands), considering it as a set of reactions to external stimuli by an organism in order to adapt to the environment. The subject of direct observation, Pavlov was the work of the salivary glands in dogs. Studying the results of its unusually simple experiments with dogs, Pavlov discovered the pattern in the upgraded one conditional reflex over the other (reflexes 1, 2 and 3 of the procedure) and came to the idea that all mental activity ('soul') is not that other, as a set of reflexes, ie, natural responses to external stimuli. The purpose of his research, Pavlov concluded in the following words: "In essence, we are interested in only one thing in life: our psychic content. However, its mechanism was, and is, for us, shrouded in deep gloom. All the resources of man: art, religion, literature, philosophy and historical science - it all connects, to throw a ray of light in this darkness. But man has another powerful resource: natural science study with its strictly objective methods. This study (we are talking about conditional reflexes) makes every day, as this sees and knows everything, a Grand success." Method reflexology of Pavlov was the first to put on a really scientific basis the study of mental processes. A rare edition.
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