Valeriy Ushkov. Autumn bouquet.

Location:Russia, Novosibirsk
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Valeriy Ushkov. Autumn bouquet.
Valeriy Ushkov. Autumn bouquet.
Bouquet of wildflowers. Oil on canvas, format 50x40cm. Canvas stretched on a stretcher. The oil painting is from nature. Free shipping.
About the artist
Valeriy Ushkov
Valeriy Ushkov was born in 1966 in Krasnoyarsk. Since 1992, after graduating from Novosibirsk State University of Architekture, Design and Arts, he has been practicing painting. Since 2001, until now, he has been working for the same University as a teacher. Presently, he has a position of an Associate Professor at the Department of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Valeriy has been a member of the Union of Russian Artists since 2006.