Vladislav Zdor. Portrait of a fan with a man

Location:Ukraine, Kruvoy Rog
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Vladislav Zdor. Portrait of a fan with a man
This work is the search for new means of expression and an attempt to rethink the perception of nature. It often happens that the main we do not see. But if you look closely, you can see that the secondary things are the main can switch places. In this work, the fan is the active character. It's so old, unique, so full of its own history that many people. which hold it in my hands, fade into the background.
About the artist
Родился в 1994 году в Кривом Роге.В 2016 году закончил Харьковское художественное училище,в данный момент являюсь студентом Национальной академии изобразительного искусства и архитектуры в Киеве.