Yadviga Senko. The mother of God of Kazan (oil on canvas,24х32,2018)

Location:Byelorussia, Molodechno
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Yadviga Senko. The mother of God of Kazan (oil on canvas,24х32,2018)
The mother of God of Kazan (oil on canvas,24х32,2018)
"KAZANSKAYA MOTHER of GOD" - the main icon of Russia, the Protectress of the Russian people, especially in difficult troubled times. All the major events in my life are with her, starting with baptism. The icon gives a blessing to the marriage, she also helper in the work. The icon that stops the fire and helps those who have problems with vision. Before the icon pray for help in various everyday needs.

In 1579, after a terrible fire a nine year old girl Matrona in a dream saw the blessed virgin, which pointed to the place where Her icon. Immediately after gaining the image of a miracle began, and in 1594 the priest hermolaos, who later became famous Patriarch Germogen, an exact description and circumstances of the finding, and what happened after the healing. The second glorification of the miraculous icon occurred in 1612, during the time of Troubles, when Moscow was occupied by poles, and around the country, torn by civil strife, wandering bands of brigands and marauders. Traitors boyars elected to the Moscow throne of the Polish Prince - Russia was on the verge of death. Patriarch Hermogenes languished in captivity, but he still managed to pass to Nizhny Novgorod a proclamation urging to go to Moscow to stop the robbery, to stand up for brotherhood and to rely on the protection of the virgin. The citizens responded to the call. They were joined by Kazan forces, who brought with him the icon of the Kazan Mother of God, handing it to Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, who led a militia. October 22, 1612 (old style, November 4 - new) militia the people's militia took the China town. Four days later, the Polish garrison in the Kremlin surrendered.
In 1709 , at Poltava, Peter the great and his army prayed before this image on the gift of victory. And in 1812, the feast of the Kazan icon, Russian detachments under the command of Miloradovich and Platov defeated the rear guard of Davout, the enemy lost 7 thousand people. On the same day the snow fell, the bitter frosts began, the army of the conqueror of Europe was stopped.
By the early XX century, the icon of the Kazan mother of God was not only in every Church, but in every home. This icon of the blessed married couple, it was placed over the Cribs of children "Mediatrix Diligent," the "Protectress from all evils" so-called mother of God in prayer.
one of the most revered icons in all of Russia. Almost always placed in the home iconostasis, the most frequently with this icon are crowned with the newlyweds. This is the image of the defender of the people. Turning to her and family needs, and for children, also pray for healing of eye diseases.
About the artist
художник(иконы, натюрморт, пейзаж)
  • 01.10.2018 Выставка иконописи, Музей традиционной культуры, г.Браслав
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