Notes on Russia: With 15 engravings

Notes on Russia: With 15 engravings
Notes on Russia: 15 prints: [In English. yaz.] Sketches of Russia; Illustrated with fifteen engravings [Svinine, Paul]
[Svin'in, N.]
Printed for R. Ackermann, by J. Diggens. [6], X, 112 p., 1 l. frontispiece, 14 illustrations l., 1 l. notes, not included in pagination. 22 x 14. Svinyin Pavel Petrovich is a writer and journalist (1788 - 1839); studied at Moscow University noble boarding school, served in the Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. In 1811-1813 he Svinyin served as Secretary to the Russian Consul General in Philadelphia. In America he published his first book — "Sketches of Moscow and St. Petersburg" (Philadelphia, 1813), reprinted in 1814 in London under the title "Sketches of Russia". In the summer of 1813 he served at the headquarters of the Russian army, stationed in Germany, he was repeatedly sent with despatches to London. At the end of 1814 he returned to Russia. The results of their overseas observations Svinyin also outlined in "the Experience of picturesque travel across North America" (1815), "the Daily notes in London" (1817) and "Memoirs of the Navy" (1818). The most important of the other works of his: "Memorability of St. Petersburg and its environs" (1816 - 1828, Russian and French) and an "Extract from an archaeological trip to Russia in 1825" ("the Writings and Chronicles of the Moscow Society of History and Antiquities," vol III). From 1818 to 1823 he published "notes of the Fatherland", where I posted a lot of articles on Russian history, sketches of travel, etc. Contemporaries blamed Svinyin in that it describes the location and they are not visited. Ethnographic essays Svinyin was released after his death, under the title: "Pictures of Russia and life mingled its peoples" (1839). Historical novels Svinyin: "Shemyakin court" and "Ermak, or the Conquest of Siberia" was not a success. Svinyin was a lover and collector of Russian antiquities and art objects. He is the author of a rich Museum of paintings, portraits, coins, medals, manuscripts and books. "A brief inventory of" Museum Svinyin published in 1829 In 1834 the Museum was sold at auction by the collector. Manuscripts Svinyin was admitted to the Russian Academy. The book Svinyin tells the story of the Imperial family: the reign of Alexander I and Elizaveta Alexeevna, as well as such sights of Moscow and St. Petersburg: the Monument to Peter the Great, Field of Mars, the Kremlin and others In the owned packaging, modern edition. The text is printed on paper with watermark "Watman £1813 Alston". Cover a bit worn, corners frayed. 1 l of illustrations moving away from the block. The safety is good. Rare illustrated Rossica.
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