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Lot 1808 works on the history in 10 volumes
with Einhart *German history* 16 full images, and a colorful map of the German settlement area in Central Europe, Register, 1909 in Leipzig, Dieterich'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 424 p., 16 plates, 1 map, OLn. David Friedrich Strauss *Ulrich von Hutten* With 24 picture in 1938 Leipzig, panels,, In the island-publishing, 528 PP., OLn., Polack, Friedrich *crumbs* memories from the life of a school-man, vol. 1 'youth life' With a Preface. Bd 2 'Amtsleben in the country' With the registry, Bd 3 'Amtsleben in the city' With an introduction and Register, 1884 - 1887 Wittenberg, publishing house of R. Herros', 331, 472, and 488 p., later linen volumes with spine labels, Geissler, Gerhard *Spotted European documents from five centuries* explains and with a Foreword, 1939 Leipzig, ash tree publishing, XVI, 956 p., OPp. m. OU, Haushofer, K. *world politics today* 197 Fig. and cards, CA. 1938, Berlin, Zeitgeschichte - Verlag, Wilhelm other man, 304 PP., OLn. With a dedication leaf. Haake, Paul *rate axes, or Brandenburg-Prussia, history of a contest. With a Preface. In 1939 Berlin, Verlag Dr. Emil Ebering, 253 P., Oct. m. OU., *The General top free Lord of Hausen* memories of the Marne campaign in 1914. With an introductory critical study, ed. by Frederick M. 1922 in Leipzig, Verlag von K. F. Koehler, 248 p., OHldr Kicheisen,., *Schiller's death and burial,* According to the testimonies of the epoch made on behalf of the Goethe-Gesellschaft and with an afterword by Max Hecker. With six Fig. on billboards, 1935 Leipzig, In the island-Verlag, 367 p., 4 sheets, OLn.

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