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Catalog number: VS0617-111
Blue And White Porcelain
Qing dynasty, circa 1820
Overall, with rich detailed Shanshui painting. Mountains in the Background, the temple buildings and country houses on the Islands, sailing boats are leisurely on-the-go and in the foreground, according to tradition, the bridge. The borders with lines and wave patterns. Beautiful, deep Blue, overall, exceptionally good condition with only a few small Nicks to pages. Eight dinner plates (DM 23 cm), two large, particularly attractive painted bowls with cover (24x20, H 13cm), 1 of the shallower smaller bowl with lid (21x16, H 7.5 cm), 1 small bowl with lid with nice handles (16x12, H 10.5 cm), 1 particularly charming, leaf-shaped, oblong sauceboat, the Handle with ears contour (L-18.3 cm), 1 bigger bowl in ungefärer shape of a heart (26x21, H 3.5 cm), 4 octagonal Vorlegplatten (L 34, 26.5 a, 26.5 and 24cm). A tea service with 8 cups and under plates (plate DM 13,5, cups H 8cm, DIA 9cm), 1 of the particularly nice shaped smaller jug for milk with a curved Handle, feet and mouth are angled to be issued, the spout and (H 9,8 cm, W 17.3 cm). 1 big attractive jug with a particularly beautiful painting. V-shaped body that issued the foot is strong and arched, the shoulders sloping slightly. Handle and spout - both swinging - more delicate, the latter is provided with a mandrel. The lid is arched high, with a knob and inside, deep down, a Wan Symbol, or Swastika, in walking distance to four Digits, also with the meaning of "eternal" (H 23cm, W 27cm). 1 lovely sugar bowl with lid and two handles (H 10cm), and finally an oval Vorlegschale for Snacks. 很完整的青花定瓷. 中國,清代,約 1820 年左右. 青花碗。中國,清代,19世紀。寬18.3厘米。 青花心形碗一對。中國,清代,19世紀。寬25.6與25.9厘米。 青花八角形盤一對。中國,清代,19世紀。寬26.8與27厘米。 青花帶把手盆。中國,清帶,19世紀。高9.8厘米,寬17.3厘米。 青花茶壺。中國,清帶,19世紀。高23厘米,寬27厘米。

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From a Swedish collection
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