Lot 590. Ancient Funerary Stele. Roman Empire, probably the Western black sea coast, 2. Century ad

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Lot 590Ancient Funerary Stele. Roman Empire, probably the Western black sea coast, 2. Century ad
Grave stele made of marble, with a Pediment surmounted by the figure and figurative representation, in two registers as a Flat - or semi-relief, executed. The plasticity varies accessories according to the meaning relationship between the main characters and Figure. For a detailed consideration of a certificate of authenticity from the year 2017 from Christoph Bacher (archaeology, Ancient Art, Vienna) in front of the house. In the Following, fragmentary detail quoted: "rich Imperial period funerary stele from the Region around the Western black sea coast. To see the two superimposed Image. The top one shows the Patron on a Kline lying. The left Arm is supported on a cushion, in his Hand he holds a drinking vessel. Its at the foot of the Kline, to the grief-veiled woman, he gives with the right Hand, a hair wreath, the sign of his high position. In front of the Kline is a table set up, and, as much smaller figures shown slaves a Banquet serving. On the right is a slave of wine from a crater on the ground, in the middle of a second covers the table and on the left, a slave, enters with a further container (Cista) of the image area. In the bottom frame we see a man and a woman. The woman is holding a Baby in Hand. Left and right two slaves. In the Interpretation of the lower image surface of the opinions. May the woman died in the child bed, which is why you are in the lower field with a small child is shown, while the man with the right Hand takes the mourning gesture. Comparative examples (of about a very similar Stele at Christie's - Los 123, 9. June 2011, New York) at the bottom of always scenes from the life of the deceased. Therefore, there is also the presumption that it is the funerary stele of a doctor that will be shown at the consultation. The Stele is surmounted by a pediment and two lateral Akroteren."

90 x 46 cm

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