Lot 2514. Anni Jung: "Communing". Ceramic Sculpture, 1988. Unique.

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Lot 2514Anni Jung: "Communing". Ceramic Sculpture, 1988. Unique.
Large ceramic life shape of a mother, between the two arms gently to your child sustaining. Petite figure of a woman with a delicate face, prominent cheekbones, and a voluminous hair in a thin robe. Significant but subtle figure of the Breasts, in front of the body arms with bony hands, a blanket wrapped infant. Very thoughtful facial expression and conscious look, the pursed lips slightly. The shown Facial expression lets the joy, care and an attitude of expectation more than just a hint. Seen from the side, a slight Abstraction of the shape of the body can be seen in the overall perspective, the hint of a circular shape. The design of the Abstract will be used in the artist's extremely rare and cautious. Even more remarkable is this plastic, which reflects the style element of the circular form, the steady rhythm of life. Reinforced this symbolism by severe plastic lines, which rotate at the head of the mother arise in a circle, and on the body of the infant. The artist is able to the viewer, with this extraordinary work, from his environment pick up, to inspire him for the mother's feelings, to create this identity and to make him so, by artistic design is a part of the life cycle. Colored, flashed, and glazed. Multiple fired ceramic, 40 x 73 x 57 cm, lateral, Hand-signed *A. Young (19)88*. The expression of very strong work, one of a KIND!

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