Lot 24. Baptismal font or holy water stoup carved stone

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Lot 24Baptismal font or holy water stoup carved stone
Baptismal font or holy water stoup carved stone, resting on a column decor

sheets of water and a tent knocked down forming a base. The vessel of the holy water stoup is carved

in low relief with a pattern of chi-rho ring, flanked by two doves, the pattern is

repeated on the two sides of the tank.

Probably the roman era.

Probably south-west of France.

H : 105 cm, L : 63 cm.

The chi-rho, or monogram constantinian usually disappears in statuary religious

from the Tenth century, with the exception of the region of the central Pyrenees, where

the employment patterns of paleo-christians have continued to be represented with the chi-rho

at least not till the Thirteenth century that we can locate our room with a

some degree of certainty.

A stone holy water font, resting on a column decorated with water leaves and an inverted

capital forming a base. Probably southwest of France.

H.: 41 1/3 in, W.: 24 3/4 in

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