Lot 2515. Bust of Nefertiti. Very early replica to Tina Haim-Wentscher to 1920 in original size, Gipsformerei state. Museums Bln

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Lot 2515Bust of Nefertiti. Very early replica to Tina Haim-Wentscher to 1920 in original size, Gipsformerei state. Museums Bln
Alabaster plaster, polychrome taken, shellac coated, height 50 cm, Base 17 x 25 cm, total height 60 cm. Sealed brand of the Gipsformerei of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Portrait-bust of the Neferneferuaton Nefertiti, Great Royal wife of king Akhenaton (Amenophis IV.), and mistress of the Two lands (upper and lower Egypt) called Nefertiti.
Very early loft after the first Hand-measured mother-to-model (GF 539) by Tina Haim-Wentscher, around 1920. Original hand-made Copy of the well-known plaster moulding in very good preservation, on the Base a few inconspicuous Chips. Very rare, rarity!
Martina currently has: Thutmosis vs Tina Haim-Wentscher - the model of Nefertiti as a model. In: David Ludwig, Cornelia Weber and Oliver Zausig (surrender): The material model. Object stories from the scientific practice. Number Of Culture Techniques. Wilhelm Fink, Paderborn 2014, P. 201-207.
Rolf Krauss: 1913-1988. 75 years of the Nefertiti - Nefret-iti bust in Berlin.
Tina Haim-Wentscher, Tina Haim and Tina Wentcher,Constantinople / Ottoman Empire in 1887 - 1974, Melbourne / Australia, was a German-Australian sculptor.
The 1887 in the Ottoman Empire-born Tina Haim spent her Childhood in Vienna and Berlin; from 1907 to 1908. Studied sculpture at the Lewin-Funcke-school in Berlin-Charlottenburg, then she opened her own Atelier in Berlin. Inclusion in the Academy of arts was denied her as a woman. With her first work, a bust of her sister, she was allowed to participate in the exhibition of the Berlin section. In 1914, she Wentscher married the painter Julius. In 1921 she undertook joint with your husband, study trips to Greece, Italy, Egypt, and in 1931 a longer trip to Bali and Java. In 1935, they stayed away on the advice of fellow artists to the fascist Germany and emigrated eventually to Australia. It is known for its numerous special models and sculptures.

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