Lot 118. CAO DAM VU (1908-2000) Woman with branch of cherry Oil

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Lot 118CAO DAM VU (1908-2000) Woman with branch of cherry Oil
CAO DAM VU (1908-2000) Woman with branch of cherry tree Oil on board Signed ‘Vu Cao Dam’ (lower left), Signed again, dated and located ‘Vu Cao Dam Vence 55’ (on the reverse). Painted in 1955 in Vence, france. 41 x 33 cm. (Framed under glass). For eighteen years, the vietnamese artist Vu Cao Dam lived and worked in Paris. This experience had an influence inevitable on his work but he never turned ever of its oriental heritage. He manages to borrow elements of both the western art as oriental, and he cleared his own style and innovative. Vu Cao Dam was born in 1908 in Hanoi, north Vietnam. Eighteen years he began his studies at the École des Beaux-Arts of Hanoi. In 1931, he received a scholarship to study in Paris, where he lived until 1949 before leaving for the south of France and, in particular, in Vence, where he creates this fabulous portrait in 1955. He was first interested in sculpture, but after his arrival in Paris, he turned to painting. He spent his time in parisian museums to admire the works that he had known in Hanoi through reproductions. The style, the color and the simplicity of the works primitives had on him to have a strong impact. But, as much as he admired, he did not accept their technique. He dreamed of regenerating the painting, indochinese, and believed in a synthesis possible between the qualities of the past and some of the characteristics of western painting. His own paintings reflect this balance between these two types of art, the result seems quite natural. Apart from some landscapes, Vu Cao Dam concentrated his talent on figurative painting. Women and young girls of his native country as well as its folklore and his poems are his favorite topics. And, most especially, the women painted by Vu Cao Dam appear to be symbols of the enduring beauty of womanhood and motherhood. Provenance : Sale, Thierry-Lanon, Brest, 28 October 2002, lot 380. Private Collection, Brest (acquired in the course of this sale). For this batch, a deposit is required to register and participate in the auction VU CAO DAM (1908-2000) Lady with a cherry tree branch, signed lower left and signed and dated on the reverse, oil on panel For this lot a deposit is needed in order to bid

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