Lot 10. Galante chapel, completely.

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Lot 10Galante chapel, completely.
Galante chapel, completely.
MEISSEN 2003-2014, first choice, model year: 1755-1760,
Model No. 60022, 60031-60046,
17 parts: conductor, flutist, four different singers,
a singer, bassoonist, Cellist, a lute player, a clarinetist,
two different violinists, a trumpeter, Harfinistin, music stand,
Hurdy-gurdy player, painted in colour, gold equipped,
Model number 60033 rubbed a Hand height: 9-15.5 cm
(3 1/2-6 in), press marks, painter's marks, blue
Brands, literature: Bergmann: volume III, part 1, sword:
Meissen figures-model numbers 1-3000, part 2: series and
Animals Illustration Catalog No. 3057-3072
■ the series of "Gallant chapel" was built between 1750
and in 1760, in cooperation of the Friedrich Elias Meyer and
Johann Joachim Kaendler, a total of 16 courtly-elegant
Musicians, including a conductor, and five singers, are appealing
crafted soloists, the music with grace and sing
■ Meissen Manufactory Price 43870.-Euro

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