Lot 90. General Eugene MILLER (Eugen Ludwig Müller, 1867-1939) [signed].

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Lot 90General Eugene MILLER (Eugen Ludwig Müller, 1867-1939) [signed].
Adresse de félicitations de la part de l'union Générale des Combattants russes (le ROVS) a l'occasion du centenaire de l'école militaire d'état-major Nicolas. 1932 Gouache, encre de Chine, collage. 2 pp. de 37 x 25 cm. Signée par le Général Eugène MILLER. Localisée Paris et datée 1932. En portefolio de présentation en soie et velours. [MILLER, Evgenii Karlovich (1867-1939) - autograph] GREETING ADDRESS Professor Nicholas Academy of the General Staff to the 100-year anniversary; from the Russian Military Union. 1932 Gouache, Indian ink, collage. - 2 p.; x 37,0 25,0 Paris, 26 November / 9 December 1932 Signature of Lieutenant General E. K. MILLER. In originalnoj folder with painting on silk: a view of the Academy building on Suvorovsky prosp. and the monument to the fallen Pets Nick. Academy of the General staff, established in 1909; embossed sign Academy. Provenance: GULEVICH Arseny A. (1866-1947). Lieutenant-General of the General staff historian, military and public figure. From 1899 extraordinary Professor Nicholas Academy of the General staff. In exile, he supervised the course on "modern army" in the Higher military science courses General N. N. Golovin, who was seen as their founder and guide EMRO as the successor of the Academy of the General staff. 24 June 1941 as a representative of the Guards Association was prebestowal the German attack on the USSR: "Former officers of the Russian Imp. guard and the Army welcomed wholeheartedly made the Fuhrer the war against the Bolsheviks... speedy victory to overthrow Judeo-Bolshevism...".

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