Hl. Evangelist John

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Lot 74Hl. Evangelist John
074 *Hl. Evangelist John
Russian icon with gilt Silberoklad (333 g), 18. Century.
36 x 29.5 cm
2500 – 3500,- EUR

In the Christian Tradition of the Apostle John, the author of the fourth gospel. In the New Testament, are also allocated to three letters and the Apocalypse to him. On pictures of the favorite disciples of Jesus is either young and beardless, in the role of the Apostle or old and with a Beard as an Evangelist.
In the Eastern churches, John is referred to as a "theologian in Silence". On the icon he is depicted Writing his gospel. An angel whispers divine wisdom into his ear. In addition, his attribute, the eagle.

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