Mother Of God Achtyrskaja

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Lot 33Mother Of God Achtyrskaja
033 *Mother Of God Achtyrskaja
Russian icon with gilt Silberoklad (370 g), 18. Century.
32,5 x 28.2 cm
2200 – 2600,- EUR

On 2. In July 1739 the priest Vasilii Danilov found in Ahtyrka when cutting the Grass in his garden next to the Church of the icon and kept this at home. After three years, the mother of God in a dream told him to dusting the icon, wash with water and use a clean cloth to cover. A Vision of the mother of God informed him that this water would cure a fever. Up to 1774 have been recorded thereupon, 324 healing miracles. 22. In June 1751, the icon was recognized as a miracle and was given its own feast day, the 2. July.

The gold-plated Oklad has not a syllable of the temple, i.e. he was made in a from the punch forced the liberated workshop. However, below, next to the tsarist double-headed eagle, the monogram "S. M." in Cyrillic letters, possibly a reference to the master.

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