Mother Of God Iverskaja

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Lot 22Mother Of God Iverskaja
022 *Mother Of God Iverskaja
Russian icon, around 1900, with a gold-plated Silberoklad (477 g), Moscow 1896-1907
Master: the stamp is difficult to read, presumably the "A. G." in Cyrillic letters: it may be that Alexander Golovin
31.5 x 27 cm
7500 - 8500,- EUR

Shown is the mother of God Portatissa from the Georgian Iviron monastery on mount Athos. About the Ur-Iverskaja, is an iconographic variant of the mother of God Hodigetria, is told in a legend as follows: "at the time of the images in dispute in the 8. Century. had a pious widow hid the picture in your house. As the spies of the pictures enemy of the Emperor tracked down the hiding place, they threw the hl. Image into the sea, where it appeared, upright, standing in the water, sponge, and 70 years later on the coast in front of the monastery Iviron. The monks saw a pillar of fire on the waves, but were not able to mountains in the image, despite many efforts. From the image, a wonderful voice called, - that of the hermit Gabriel may come out of his cave, for of him it is wool, you can bring in. The monks brought with the help of the hermit, the image of the country and put it in the Church; Each Time, however, it was found the following Morning on the gate of the monastery. The mother of God informed the hermit Gabriel, you may wish to build her a chapel under the gate; because, as she said, "you guarded me, but I forbid you."
A replica of the miraculous image arrived in 1648, in the residence of the tsars to Russia, and is venerated there ever since. Many of the icons of the mother of God Iverskaja were painted in the sequence of time.

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