Panel figure 15.Century

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Lot 359Panel figure 15.Century
Panel figure 15.Century. ITALY
"Saint Jerome as a hermit in the wilderness"
with Bible, crucifix, skull and stone, with which he
the chest, on the side of the scarlet
Cardinal's hat, and his attribute of the lion (he is a lion a
a thorn from the paw, the tame, and
his faithful Companion was),
Tempera on wood, by old back fittings,
frontal four small vaults, 31.5x26 cm (12 1/4 x 10 1/4 in)
■ Jerome, 347 Stridon-420 Bethlehem, Scholar, Theologian,
Church father and Saint, 379 ordained as a priest, 386
in Bethlehem, day: 30.September
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