Lot 161. Pierre André de SUFFREN said the " Bailli de SUFFREN (1729-1788).

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Lot 161Pierre André de SUFFREN said the " Bailli de SUFFREN (1729-1788).
Correspondence during the campaign of the Indies,

1782-1783. Set of 8 letters, in-4, handwritten in brown ink (2 autograph letters signed, 6 signed letters) to which we attached 3 pieces that are not signed, one of them annotated by Suffren. Letters written " on board the Hero ", Gondelour, Négapatam about the battle of Gondelour against the English fleet and the exchange of prisoners that followed. Signed letter written " on board the Hero in front of Trinquebar, June 6, 1783 ", 2 pp. 1/2 in-4. Having no point received any letters from you, Sir, I don't know exactly what happened with respect to the exchange of prisoners. I don't even know if Mr. Macartney said. One ma said that he had sent our officers in Bengal. If it is, I believe that we can do nothing better than to send ours in to the Nabob, and I have written to Mr. Duchemin to the pray to make the request. Mr. Hughes has been very poorly spent with me, he refused the exchange of the sign of the vessels which are deceived of vessels in the evening after the fight and he missed his. He has given me to the pretext that he could not consent to any partial exchange, before the Regency of Madras had established a cartel in general. If you have nothing entered, do not enter on this condition, that it will be rank for rank, and man for man as the will of the prisoners, and that the one who will have the most prisoners will be master of the keep up to what the other has to make a trade, and assumed that it went ahead, it would take into account the first exchange [...]"

Signed letter written " on 26 June at 8am ", 1 to p. 1/2 in-4

Here is a new order of things, Mr. English have appeared in front of Negapatnam. I believe that they will be kept that may come to me in 8 or 9 hours, it is gueres possible that I get out of my ship unless I apprisse they have spent in Madras and I cannot believe it. I will write to Mr. Beaubrun according to your views, and I think that we can say something about the relief that came from France. I am angry that the body of the Wing may not be able to provide more to the army. I recommend that you urge our hospitals when I'm gone. I beg you to put spies in the campaign to know if the enemies have passed to the north, because if they are in the southern part, I hope that Mr. Guignace me the will to know [...]signed Letter written " on board the Hero in front of Gondelour this June 28, at 11 o'clock in the evening ", 1 p. 1/2 in-4.

I get in the moment, man with the letter you gave me the honor to write to me, that the Nabob, and of M. de Salvert. You will make me very

great pleasure to come with Vinagi ? : all hours are the same. You will have my canoe on the bar at the tip of the day. I believe that it is in the morning as the bar is more beautiful. I beg you to tell my interpreter. I ask you to forgive me if I give you this sentence, but I will be a great need in the future. In addition to the large objects of a million rice and a hundred million of bled that are on Fortitude a ship of the Company that Mr. de Salvert has taken, there are coming in over will be worth the money [...]

Signed letter written " on board the Hero on July 6, 1783 ", 1 page in-4

I pray you Sir to do me the pleasure to send me your correspondence and that of Mr Duchemin's with the Lord Macartnay and

Mr. Cook. I pray you also attach a copy of the power I had left to deal with the exchange in my name. Well I have this room, but it is buried in a pile huge of paper that I don't have the time right now to stir, it is very important to me to me that the English from Madras, and

of Bengal, knowing that not only I wanted and desired exchange, but I have taken steps accordingly vis-à-vis the Government. The Lord Macartnay and Mr Hughes have kept the thing secraite, so that the

place to attribute my approach to the necessity and the hardness of the heads English it is me it is as if I had been able to do otherwise, and as the

the unfortunates who have been the victim of the drivel of Mr Cook, and the hardness of the Lord George will remember for a long time, it is appropriate that I make a print-out or the case will be in his day [...]

Autograph letter signed, s. l. n. d. 1 p. 1/2 in-4.

I get Mr. the letter that you gave me the honor to write to me, to the things that are done there remain only regrets and the sad consolation to find reasons to justify the steps. I do not believe that a walk retrograde gives more money than a forward [...] I'm going to go Gondelour, I renounced the project to take Negapatnam [...]

Letter autograph signed about a cargo of boxes of wine. 14 July 178? Instructions in the 6 points given by Suffren to carry out the negotiations with the british for prisoner exchanges, a list of the names of prisoners annotated by Suffren.

Draft s. l. n. d. two pages in-4 and a page in-8

1° Claim the health officers as not being prisoners by the art. 21 of the Cartel of exchange. If we were told that the cartel is only for prisoners conducted in europe you will answer that this exception can only take place for the prisoners, the officers of health being declared unrestricted free-as elsewhere [...]

2° ask for an exchange of prisoners made in the sea until this day that should be man for man and grade for grade [...]

4° do not treat my name as to the prisoners made at sea.

6° When there is no exchange general the English have sent in preference to the sick and the moss household, and here is what it takes stain


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