Lot 30. PORSCHE 911 SC PREPARED TYPE 953 #1982

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Lot 30PORSCHE 911 SC PREPARED TYPE 953 #1982

In 1984, to regild the blazon of the 911 in competition, Porsche decided to enter it in rally-raid, in the Paris - Dakar rally. A prototype Group B awd - future 959 - having been presented at the Frankfurt motor Show in September 1983, it is on this basis that three of the 911 Carrera 4x4 (type 953), are developed. They use the new engine 3 164 cm3 of the 911 Carrera, which develops 225 hp at 5 800 tr/mn. The car is deeply modified to face the pitfalls of the Paris - Dakar, starting with its all-wheel drive and ground clearance of 47 inches which gives an angle of attack of 45°. She also received a suspension with double wishbones, reinforced at the front, a roll bar welded, underbody protection in Kevlar and a clutch more sturdy. To lighten it, the body is as well as elements of composite materials based on carbon fiber and side windows in plastic. Thus, in spite of all the compulsory equipment (two spare wheels, hydraulic jack, compressor, tool kit, a jerry can of drinking water, survival kit, signal flares, sleeping bags, a radio and a distress beacon...), the Porsche 953 weighs only 1 210 kg. René Metge and Dominique Lemoyne prevail that year, Jackie Ickx and Claude Brasseur, finishing 6th.
Three other 953 will be built in 1985. Taking the look of the future of the 959 and the code 959/953, their engine is still the 3.2 ltr Carrera but with 231 ch à 6 000 tr/mn. Unfortunately, they won't finish. In 1986, Porsche promises of the 959 Rally-Raid twin-turbo 400 hp that will be needed with Metge/
Lemoyne and Ickx/Brasseur in the first two places.
This Porsche 911 SC (n° of series WPOZZZ91ZBS102869) of 1982 has undergone a serious preparation type 953 for the gravel rallies in africa. Animated by an engine of 3 litres of prepared of 260 hp, it has received suspensions, drive shafts, tulips, and a clutch strengthened. The latter is associated with a box short type 915, and a limited-slip differential. The hoods and doors are made of carbon
Kevlar, while the side and rear windows are polycarbonate.
Roll bars homologated FIA has been installed, with reinforcements of front and rear chassis (Wiechers) and bucket seats with harnesses. A boom additional headlights has been installed and the rear light has been increased. It is equipped with an exhaust system in stainless steel and radiators and additional engine and box under the rear spoiler type Turbo. The fuel tank of 120 litres (Simtech) is approved by FIA. The car is equipped with a certificate FIA valid until may 2019.

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