Serge Poliakoff Abstract composition in Black, Red and White (1968)

Lot 4055Serge Poliakoff Abstract composition in Black, Red and White (1968)
Serge Poliakoff (Poljakov): Moscow 1900 - 1969 Paris. Important representative of the Nouvelle École de Paris. Among others, influenced by Kandinsky Poliakoff finds the abstract representation of the motifs. Subject: Abstract composition, 1968. Composition in White, Red and Black. Partly overlapping, mostly rounded segments in bold colors. The Central white box in the red area on a black Fond. A further red color - Segment the center of the upper edge of the image is placed. Gouache on paper, 50 x 65 cm, on the bottom left in the red color field, signed "Serge Poliakoff", under glass, framed. Hand-written photo - Expertise of the son of Serge Poliakoff, Alexis Poliakoff (Paris / Archives Serge Poliakoff), 28. December 2017. The present Gouache Poliakoffs, will be recorded as “Composition abstraite 1968“ in the Supplement of the catalogue raisonné of the artist, published by Alexis Poliakoff and Gérard Schneider. Lit.: Catalogues of paintings in total. five volumes, ed. by Alexis Poliakoff / Gérard Schneider.
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