Small stone relief with scenes from the life of Buddha

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Lot 1069Small stone relief with scenes from the life of Buddha
Burma, 12./13.Century. Pagan-Style. Andagu-Stone. Small, dense and detailed, carved Relief, the eight events in the life of the Buddha representing. In the center Buddha is sitting on a double Lotus throne, flanked by two Bodhisattvas, the gesture of the Erdberührung showing. The outer frame of the bottom left, counter-clockwise, a further seven significant moments of his life: The birth in Lumbini, his first sermon in Sarnath, the taming of the Nalagari-elephant, the death and entrance into Nirvana in Kushinagar, the miracle of Sravasti, the descent from Tavatimsa heaven, and ending with the receipt of honey in Vaishali. The two-row base is decorated with elephants, lions and atlases in the upper Register, the seven treasures of the chakravartin, chakra, elephant, horse, jewel, woman, householder, field Mr in the lower Register. Soil eroded. Smooth Back. Fine red veins in the stone. Left, figure is glued. H 8.8 cm.
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