Stuck, Franz von 1863 Tettenweis - 1928 děčín

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Lot 685Stuck, Franz von 1863 Tettenweis - 1928 děčín
Stuck, Franz von
In 1863, Tettenweis - 1928 Děčín

"Serpentine dancers". Plaster relief. 66 x 105cm. Signed in the lower right third: Franz Stuck. Frame.

Private Collection Southern Germany.

A particular example for the connection of contemporary influences, under the dancer Loïe Fuller with ancient models shows the shown here-Relief of "The serpentine dancer" (originally: "The dancers"). Two young women in light robes of a sense of the dance. A decorative frame adorns the bas-Relief on the side edges, wherein the bottom edge is left unadorned. Presumably, this serves as the lower edge of the stand surface of the dancers. The subject employed painter for several years, so that the plaster relief, some preliminary studies with the same composition idea. Stucco is not customized in addition to some preliminary sketches of a Painting, which, however, served as a draft, but in hindsight came to be. Among other things, at this point, the widespread presumption of lead, of stucco have illustrated the dancers, his mother and his future wife. The basis of this Thesis, the existing head of the left-hand dancer, and later formed representations, for which his wife is Mary as a dancer shown standing. This biographical aspect, however, is only conjecture. The plaster relief was poured into multiple execution, and graced, among others, the above-mentioned residence of the artist in its newly designed Villa in München-Bogenhausen.
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