Lot 368. VIENNA (?) 1. District 19. Century

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Lot 368VIENNA (?) 1. District 19. Century
Portrait of a young man as Antinous half-length, almost frontal, head to the right turned. The shoulders of a red coat. Before The Clouds In The Rear. Oil on canvas. 84.5 x 64. Restored. White and gold covered frame with vine and shell decor min. dam. For its beauty and famous Greek youth, Antinous, the beloved of the Emperor Hadrian. After his early death in the Nile Hadrian had, in his anti-noopolis think build, as well as many temples to build, he also ordered the Antinous feast dedicated to games. Numerous statues, busts, gems and coins represent him as the Ideal of youthful beauty. The art theorist, archaeologist and spiritual father of Neoclassicism, Johann Joachim Winckelmann, described after the discovery of two ancient depictions of Antinous in the 18th century. Century as "the glory and crown of art in this, both as of all time." In the art of later classicism, to be classified at the end of presentation of Antinous is locate in terms of their place of Origin only to a limited extent. So employed, inter alia, both in Paris and Milan, but also in Vienna, artists of the first rank with comparable neo-classical representations, sometimes, as in the present case, with the emotive tendency. To name the main representatives of this art, inter alia, François Gerard and his circle in Paris and the school's image at the end of Heinrich Friedrich Füger in Vienna. Helmut Börsch-Supan points out that the quality of the painting is so unusual, that as an author, only a major artist would be out of the question, and favored, in his opinion, a write-up of the painting of the Italian artist Natale Schiavoni (1777 ChioGelbgoldia - 1859 Venice). This was a v. a. for the presentation of "a gentle female characters," and exhibited his works in the German-speaking countries. Report Prof. Dr. Helmut Börsch-Supan, Berlin, 15. June 2017, with attribution to Natale Schiavoni.

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