Cupid and Psyche

Photo size: 1772x1414 px

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Important vase object of Umberto Belloto
Photo size: 591x1000 px
ANDRÉ SORNAY (1902-2000)
Photo size: 1333x2000 px
Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich gen. Dietricy
Photo size: 1299x899 px
Grenoble, Pendulum mit Amoretten Louis XVI
Photo size: 911x1200 px
Bedside table Art Deco
Photo size: 1392x1772 px
Classicist writing utensils, France / Paris, around 1830
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
Lot consisting of two bedside tables
Photo size: 1280x907 px
Figurative Napoleon III-table centerpiece with cupids
Photo size: 945x1238 px
Travel service for six in Original box
Photo size: 1024x713 px
Magnificent candlestick with swan service decoration
Photo size: 1987x3000 px